FINCA’s 30-year Anniversary

FINCA is Credits Suisse’s microfinance partner. It’s considered to be one of the most influential microfinance organizations in the world by Time Magazine. FINCA celebrated its 30-year anniversary in October 2014. Country CEOs, guests and partners joined global CEO Rupert Scofield in London. He summarized the last 30 years with British humour

“We came, we made a lot of loans and we got most of them back”

  • Operational in 22 countries, Nigeria coming up next
  • 1.8 million clients being served
  • $65 million raised in local currency notes through partner Credit Suisse
  • Daily experience of changing lives through 200-dollar loans

3 thoughts on “FINCA’s 30-year Anniversary”

  1. nice to hear from you! I hope success for FINCA will not just be measured by the number of loans they make, but also a determined attempt to lower interest rates and provide auxiliary services for their clients.


    1. Hi Terence, thanks for your thought. I did not yet have the chance to get to know FINCA in depth. From what I’ve read they appear sincere and aim for sustainability, i.e. lasting positive social impact and enough profit to maintain the business.


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