Transparent Microfinance Data is Revolutionary!

MIX, the global data hub for Microfinance Institutions

What is the significance of such a database? The key is the accessibility of data allowing for more thorough and transparent monitoring of Microfinance activities. Decisions can be made based on facts, figures and data. This has a huge potential as I will show in my next article.

“We are experiencing an aid evaluation revolution with methods, medium and data.”

In his blog post “The new Transparency of Aid Evaluation” Michael Clemens suggests an evaluation revolution of methods, medium and material. Through publicly available data, new scientific methods and fast-paced communication via blog he and a colleague were able to refute a claim by the Millennium Development Villages team that almost made it into a top scientific journal. What’s the deal you might ask. The now-retracted “facts” would have been accepted as general knowledge and budget decisions would have been taken based on “scientific evidence” presented in an highly respected journal. And twenty years down the road the public may have learned that all was a hoax, that spinach isn’t a good source of iron at all.

Another sources I found for transparent information is Their data on FINCA is here.

(photo by Ryoji.Ikeda on flickr)


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