Stoney Tangawizi – an African Icon

We have the Coke, the Ice Tea or Rivella drinkers out there (Swiss drink made of milk serum) but seldom have I experienced such a fervent fellowship for a carbonated soft drink. Post a comment or picture to the Facebook group “Stoney Tangawizi Addicts Anonymousand you’ll instantly get some likes or comments. People all over the internet want to know where to buy outside of Africa and discuss the pros and cons of plastic, metal or glass containers.  Above all Coca-Cola Company who started to produce it in South Africa in 1971 and who is now keeping a lid on it in most of the world. It is served in only one place in the USA: The world of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. In South Africa it’s described as “Stoney is a rich ginger beer. It has a strong, full-bodied steam and bite, as well as a distinctive spiciness”

“Africa’s Soda on Steroids!”

“mimi ninapenda stoney!!! (I love stoney!)”

“a soda so powerful it can make you cry.”

“like the flash-bangs used by special forces in closed-quarter combat.”

Ginger is not very well known to the Swiss cuisine, that’s why I have acquired a taste for it in Asia. And ever since I finished off a dish of carrots and ginger I realized that ginger can be used as a vegetable in spite of its spiciness. Like wasabi, it attacks the nasal mucosa and wreaks havoc with the brain – at least for a second or two. Not unlike the effect of flash-bangs used by special forces to in closed-quarter combat. Maybe that’s why it is such a special drink.

For my part I will quietly enjoy it (FLASH — BANG!) and benefit from the health effects of ginger: cure for seasickness, eliminates gastrointestinal distress, relief of nausea, anti-inflammatory effects, immune-boosting action. Some people are trying to make a business importing Stoney from Africa. It seems to be a difficult task as my Swiss provider has been reporting for many months now “can’t be delivered until further notice due to supply chain issues”.

Jasmine Doltie recently wrote a “Soda re-Positioning Marketing Plan” for her graduate program outlining the potential for Stoney in the USA. Maybe it will get noticed by The Company?

(artwork by urnicer on fiverr)


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