Mouthwatering Meat Meet

I’ve written about my disappointment with meats in another food post, that’s why I just had to check out the Nyama Choma Festival that took place in Dar es Salaam yesterday. It’s first and foremost a place to go to with friends to eat and drink and listen to music. The fact that some places sell wine by the bottle and beer by the four-packs is a testament to this. Well, I made some friends…

But let’s talk about the serious gourmets who are into marinating their products “until the meat just wants to slide off the bone” as one guy told me. They must have been preparing for days as everything came in huge containers. Chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish, shrimps, sausages, french fries and plantain.

“Marinate until the meat just wants to slide off the bone.”

I’m now a fan of the Nyama Choma BBQ culture of Eastern Africa, along with other food critics who’ve written so many praising articles about BBQ in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The beef skewers, T-bone steak, beef roast,  tandoori chicken and the beef shawarma all tasted great and were tender as they should be. A pity that not all of the participants on site have restaurants. Some foods I would love to eat again. There is just one recommendation I will make: Barbeque Pit – Take-away food in Mikocheni. They know how to marinate and slow-cook their meat.

Unlike the little joke I smuggled into the gallery the festival was not about game. Which might have been interesting to taste: wild kudu, impala, buffalo, croc, hippo, ostrich, etc. (click on the images to see further comments)


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