Farewell from FINCA Microfinance Bank

As I’m waiting to board my plane at Dar es Salaam airport I contemplate my last day at work.

What do you call it when you receive a warm welcome, get support throughout your assignment and appreciation in the end? In his farewell speech earlier today CEO Ed Greenwood talked about the FINCA family. And true, it feels like I have joined a family. I have gained many brothers and sisters in Tanzania (although age-wise some could be my kids).

The highlight of my assignment were the people. I have truly enjoyed working together with aspiring individuals who are striving to keep the balance on a rocking boat. With all the changes that are in progress, FINCA Tanzania feels a bit like a startup company with fast moving action.

The farewell cake from HR drew a lot of laughter as the two opposing parties were depicted on it. General elections are coming up on Oct 25 and everyone has made up his or her mind about who should be the next president. Eating green or blue became a not so serious political statement.

I feel proud to have been allowed to contribute. My thanks go to FINCA who received me well and to Credit Suisse who made it possible. Is the work completed? Of course not, there still is a lot to around customer centricity where FINCA’s co-founder and CEO Rupert Scofield just declared it a necessity. Service is no longer about giving clients what they need but about delighting them. Our project still needs to be implemented by piloting new processes, amending IT tools and delivering training to all of the 26 branches in Tanzania.

Check out the smiling people on the billboard outside of FINCA headoffice in Dar es Salaam. The customers inside need to be smiling too.

Am I finished here? Yes. The team and I were able to deliver insights and value and present a road map to improvement. The team has seen Six Sigma tools being applied and now feels comfortable using them. The team has had exposure to senior management and feels increasingly confident and competent to talk to them. The C*Os now know their names. Management has decided about which solution ideas to implement. The Six Sigma initiative has been handed over to a projects person who will work on the implementation. And finally I have learned some things too, mostly about myself.

Is there room for future Credit Suisse engagement with FINCA Tanzania? I think so. Tasks in Customer Centricity, Archiving, Change Management, Cost Analysis, IT forensics or End-user Computing could add further benefit to FINCA Tanzania.

Do I like to go home? Yes. Partner and family are there and life is incomplete without them.

Anything else you would like to ask me about my assignment? Drop a note in the comment section.

Asante sana, kwa herini!


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