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A Mad Dash to the Airport

It’s my last Friday in Tanzania. Storytime. I’m about to describe my worst ride in a three-wheeler or bajaj. Like in a good suspense movie it’s more about what didn’t happen. There was an air of danger throughout the entire length of my trip to the Julius Nyerere airport in Dar es Salaam. Anything could have happened.

You may ask why didn’t I take a proper driver or at least a taxi. Thing is, I needed to reach the airport on a Friday evening which is the worst day for traffic jams. My assumption was that a bajaj would be able to move where cars can’t. Continue reading A Mad Dash to the Airport


A Weekend in Mwanza

Most of my work days have become kind of “normal”. They start around 8 am with greeting my colleagues, then a cup of coffee followed by work. 1 pm is lunch and 6 pm is the time to catch a bus home. But there were at least two exceptional days. One was when virtually everyone who saw me spoke Swahili to test my greeting skills. And when I failed they insisted “you just HAVE to learn this!” So I practiced.

Only a few days later several people told me about the beauty of Mwanza: “You just HAVE to go to Mwanza!” and “Look at me, I’m from Mwanza. Aren’t I beautiful?” Continue reading A Weekend in Mwanza

Ruaha National Park – Where are the Elephants?

While preparing for a safari the following news reached me: “Shocking absence of elephants in Tanzania’s Selous game reserve

The article mentions a recent elephant count from the air that shows a sharp decline of elephants since the previous count. One traveler woman was even cited with not having seen a single elephant while in Selous Game Reserve. Continue reading Ruaha National Park – Where are the Elephants?

Dar es Salaam – Dodoma and back

Bus trip Dar es Salaam to Dodoma takes 8.5 hours and more if there are traffic jams. The road is heavily used by trucks transporting goods to neighboring countries such as Zambia, Malawi, Congo, Burundi and Rwanda. It is a trip best enjoyed in one of Shabiby’s Luxury VIP buses and during daytime as there are so many things to be seen.

dar_dodoma Continue reading Dar es Salaam – Dodoma and back

Dodoma, the Powerless Capital of Tanzania

Last week’s business trip to Tanzania’s capital Dodoma has given me a very distinctive taste of Tanzania. I would never have guessed that anything else but Dar es Salaam is the country’s capital. Dar es Salaam has the industry, the workforce, the sea port, the embassies, the international airport, the companies and the traffic while Dodoma Continue reading Dodoma, the Powerless Capital of Tanzania

Morogoro, a Less Known Tourist Destination

With its laid back lifestyle, small town feeling, good hamburgers, nightlife, international university, international school,  architectural pearls from the past, cool weather, remote villages, forest with cinnamon trees, cardamom, pepper, coffee, oil seeds, indigenous species and some waterfalls in the mountains this place offers more than enough to keep tourists, weekend birdwatchers and foreign talent interested alike. Continue reading Morogoro, a Less Known Tourist Destination

Dar’s Almost Forgotten Central Railway Station

Visiting Dar es Salaam Central Railway Station today was a heart wrenching experience. Coming from a country where trains are public transport no. 1 there was a certain expectation to be able to take a train ride out of Dar one sunny weekend to come.

My colleague and guide for the day was quick to point out that trains don’t run reliably.  Continue reading Dar’s Almost Forgotten Central Railway Station

Rich Man’s Safari in Poor Man’s Country

This week I’ve been looking into some ways of experiencing the abundant nature of Tanzania, rich habitats with intact food chains. Looking for a place where large herds of wildebeests can be seen on their migration, where lions lie low, where cheetahs chase, where antelopes frolic around and where vultures wait patiently for predators to open up a carcass. Possibly with an opportunity to visit Continue reading Rich Man’s Safari in Poor Man’s Country

Tanzania – a Threat Assessment

My trip to Tanzania is not the first one, as you can see from the images on the right side. However, living in Dar es Salaam is a different thing to hiking up Kilimanjaro with a group of people or enjoying Zanzibar as a tourist. That’s why I checked up on security in general.

While the Swiss embassy service recommends avoiding Continue reading Tanzania – a Threat Assessment