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Stoney Tangawizi – an African Icon

We have the Coke, the Ice Tea or Rivella drinkers out there (Swiss drink made of milk serum) but seldom have I experienced such a fervent fellowship for a carbonated soft drink. Post a comment or picture to the Facebook group “Stoney Tangawizi Addicts AnonymousContinue reading Stoney Tangawizi – an African Icon

A Fabulously Successful Health Project in Tanzania

TEHIP was a Tanzanian initiative to improve medical service in some of the poorest areas of the country.

Some 2 $ per person were set aside to tackle the largest health burdens in the community. Initially it was not even known what would help people the most. Then a survey was conducted. Malaria turned out to be the most neglected burden. It accounted for 30% of Continue reading A Fabulously Successful Health Project in Tanzania

Tanzania – a Threat Assessment

My trip to Tanzania is not the first one, as you can see from the images on the right side. However, living in Dar es Salaam is a different thing to hiking up Kilimanjaro with a group of people or enjoying Zanzibar as a tourist. That’s why I checked up on security in general.

While the Swiss embassy service recommends avoiding Continue reading Tanzania – a Threat Assessment