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A Weekend in Mwanza

Most of my work days have become kind of “normal”. They start around 8 am with greeting my colleagues, then a cup of coffee followed by work. 1 pm is lunch and 6 pm is the time to catch a bus home. But there were at least two exceptional days. One was when virtually everyone who saw me spoke Swahili to test my greeting skills. And when I failed they insisted “you just HAVE to learn this!” So I practiced.

Only a few days later several people told me about the beauty of Mwanza: “You just HAVE to go to Mwanza!” and “Look at me, I’m from Mwanza. Aren’t I beautiful?” Continue reading A Weekend in Mwanza


Rich Man’s Safari in Poor Man’s Country

This week I’ve been looking into some ways of experiencing the abundant nature of Tanzania, rich habitats with intact food chains. Looking for a place where large herds of wildebeests can be seen on their migration, where lions lie low, where cheetahs chase, where antelopes frolic around and where vultures wait patiently for predators to open up a carcass. Possibly with an opportunity to visit Continue reading Rich Man’s Safari in Poor Man’s Country