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A Mad Dash to the Airport

It’s my last Friday in Tanzania. Storytime. I’m about to describe my worst ride in a three-wheeler or bajaj. Like in a good suspense movie it’s more about what didn’t happen. There was an air of danger throughout the entire length of my trip to the Julius Nyerere airport in Dar es Salaam. Anything could have happened.

You may ask why didn’t I take a proper driver or at least a taxi. Thing is, I needed to reach the airport on a Friday evening which is the worst day for traffic jams. My assumption was that a bajaj would be able to move where cars can’t. Continue reading A Mad Dash to the Airport

Hear, See and Feel the Odd Side of Tanzania

There is a significant degree of oddity in my life abroad. It’s being transmitted on all channels to me: visually, verbally, sensory. I’m doing the Tanzanian “club handshake” at least three times a day and have become pretty proficient at it. There is also the “stroke shake” I mostly get from women: a not-to-firm handshake followed by a soft and sliding release. Eating by hand doesn’t  remind me of childhood anymore. Sneezing is not commented. By either party. Took quite some time to get used to. Continue reading Hear, See and Feel the Odd Side of Tanzania

Heritage Dar – Iconic Sketches

Dar es Salaam is apparently growing at a stupendous pace. Old buildings are being demolished to make place for modern office towers. Dar-based Sarah Markes is freezing contemporary Dar in her sketches and already many colonial buildings have vanished. Continue reading Heritage Dar – Iconic Sketches