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A Weekend in Mwanza

Most of my work days have become kind of “normal”. They start around 8 am with greeting my colleagues, then a cup of coffee followed by work. 1 pm is lunch and 6 pm is the time to catch a bus home. But there were at least two exceptional days. One was when virtually everyone who saw me spoke Swahili to test my greeting skills. And when I failed they insisted “you just HAVE to learn this!” So I practiced.

Only a few days later several people told me about the beauty of Mwanza: “You just HAVE to go to Mwanza!” and “Look at me, I’m from Mwanza. Aren’t I beautiful?” Continue reading A Weekend in Mwanza

Morogoro, a Less Known Tourist Destination

With its laid back lifestyle, small town feeling, good hamburgers, nightlife, international university, international school,  architectural pearls from the past, cool weather, remote villages, forest with cinnamon trees, cardamom, pepper, coffee, oil seeds, indigenous species and some waterfalls in the mountains this place offers more than enough to keep tourists, weekend birdwatchers and foreign talent interested alike. Continue reading Morogoro, a Less Known Tourist Destination

Tanzania – a Threat Assessment

My trip to Tanzania is not the first one, as you can see from the images on the right side. However, living in Dar es Salaam is a different thing to hiking up Kilimanjaro with a group of people or enjoying Zanzibar as a tourist. That’s why I checked up on security in general.

While the Swiss embassy service recommends avoiding Continue reading Tanzania – a Threat Assessment